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After-Hours Electronics Recycling Drop-Off Box

The Lock Box Is Available Only After Hours, On Weekends Or Holidays, 7 Days A Week, open to anyone with accepted items.

If Your Items Are Too Big To Fit In The Box, They Will Have To Be Dropped Off During Normal Business Hours, Monday To Friday.

Not Accepted in The Box: Loose batteries, regardless of type, batteries, bulbs, or printers; see our list.

Requirements?: Yes, you must register before dropping off your items. Complete this form first; after completing registration, no appointment or further action is required. You can drop off Items At your convenience.

  • The Box Is Under Camera Surveillance With An Audible Warning For Recording In Progress.

Contact us if you have any questions about the secure waste receptacle. The bin is located in a well-lit area in front of the main office.


Our Convenient, Secure e-waste Collection Bin Service provides an easy-to-manage, low-cost solution for securely storing your data-containing media prior to destruction and recycling. Our service eliminates concerns of hard drives or other sensitive items being stored in a manner that may make them susceptible to unauthorized access or theft.


Some accepted items cannot be dropped off at the Afterhours 24/7 Bin. These items must be dropped off in person at the Drop Off Center During Business Hours. Items such as Printers, Large Devices, Monitors, Or Any Device That won’t Fit In The Device.

Some Items/Devices/ or Equipment Is Not Accepted Regardless.

Drop-Off Center Open Monday-Friday 8.30-4.30 PM For Large Or Bulk Item Drop-Off.

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