Accepted Items

Reduce, Recycle, Reworx.

Accepted Items

We offer FREE Electronics, computer recycling and e-waste disposal pick-up for businesses and drop-off only for residential customers in the Atlanta Metro Area. We accept at no cost for Recycling (free): flat screen lcd computer monitors, Laptopsdesktop computers, serversSmartphones, Audio/Video Equipment,  Tablets, IT network equipment, routers, phonestelecom equipment, Industrial Equipment, Medical Equipment, peripheral devices etc and much more, scroll below for complete school.

However there are some ITEMS WE/DO NOT ACCEPT see the list below.

Chargeable Items

Residential Customer Printers Or Printers Dropped of At warehouse: $20 Per Printer If printer is dropped off at warehouse (Laser OR Inkjet) , Printers/Copiers are mostly plastic & have Zero (0.00) Scrap/recycling value. 

CLICK HERE To Pay For Copier/Printer Disposal Fee

OR Pay Cash on Drop off (Exact Change)

Business Customer Printers Picked Up:  $20.00 fee can be waived for businesses with qualifying pickups. If you have a lot of equipment we are picking up and a few printers no problem.

Copiers: $100 Fee if Dropped off at our warehouse

Copiers, Printers, DC’s, DVD Discs, Data Backup Tapes have ZERO (0) scrap value, if picked up alone without other equipment a minimum $200 fee will be charged. E.g A business wants Only copiers or 1 or 2 copiers/printers to be picked up, contact us to request a quote. If you have a large volume of copiers or printers contact us before delivery or pickup for a quote. If you have A large quantity of software discs, dvd’s, data tapes, contact us for a quote.

If you are a business and you have copiers including a lot of other equipment copier fee will be waived.

Large Speakers: $20 per pair.  No Charge For Small PC Speakers.

Recycle Computers Atlanta
Electronics Recycling Atlanta

Items Not Accepted:

ReWorx Recycling adheres to a strict no-landfill policy for all electronic waste and does not export hazardous materials abroad. Our downstream vendors are also R2 Certified. By recycling your obsolete electronics, you ensure the reuse of valuable resources and protect the environment. The majority of your obsolete IT equipment, laptops, computers, servers, routers, switches, AC drives, Industrial equipment, Office equipment, telecommunication and data center equipment is recycled at NO COST (for free) at ReWorx Recycling. Why stockpile your old electronics when you can recycle them at ReWorx Recycling?

Loose Batteries Not Accepted

Single or Loose Batteries are considered hazardous Waste. Single Or Loose Batteries are not accepted for drop-off at our facility regardless of type, size, quantity or condition. This includes Loose Lithium Ion Batteries from Laptops and Cellphones. Additionally, a waste disposal fee will be assessed for commercial customers if included with equipment picked up.

Contact your local city or county sanitation, county dump, or solid waste disposal department for where to recycle batteries.  Single Or Loose refers to batteries removed from the device. Beyond Surplus will only recycle batteries if included with the device.

However, Batteries included inside the device are accepted. e.g Laptop with Lithium Ion Battery attached to the laptop is accepted for recycling.

Power Tools Are Accepted ONLY Without The Battery. 

Items Not Accepted Continued

Home Appliances: Dishwasher, Fridge, Stove, AC Units, Light Fixtures, Dehumidifiers, *Vacuum Cleaners* * Smoke detectors * Mercury-containing devices* *Exit Signs*

Bulbs: All Types Not Allowed, LED, CFL, CRT, Bare Lead Glass Tubes, Florescent tubes, LED Tubes etc

Furniture: Sofas, Beds, Mattresses , chairs, tables, desks etc


Single Use Batteries: Alkaline, NI-CAD, NI-MH, AA, AAA NOT Accepted

UPS, Backup  Battery Accepted

Lithium Ion Battery NOT Accepted

Loose Battery NOT Accepted

*CRT Monitors*

Tapes: Magnetic Tapes of Any Kind, Video, Audio, Data, VHS Tapes *Audio Tapes* Backup tapes Not Allowed

Liquid of any kind: Freon Containing Devices, Paint or Wet Items,

Building Material:  *Lumber* *Wood* *Doors* Windows 

CD’s, DVD’s, Optical Discs (The Only Exception is Game Discs with their console).

Municipal Solid Waste: Paper, Cardboard, Glass, wood, bottles, plastic, Contact your local city or sanitation department. 

Large Quantities of Broken screen monitors or Displays, while we accept flat screen monitors we cannot accept a large quantity of broken monitors or displays. 

We can not accept items that are considered household hazardous waste.

Large quantity of  broken printers or copiers, contact  for  a junk disposal  quote

Disclaimer: Beyond Surplus reserves the right to decline to accept any material free of charge especially unusually large volumes of low-end electronic equipment that require excessive handling & processing e.g Large volume of broken monitors, Large quantity of printers or copiers and any equipment that is wet or covered in mud.

Electronics Waste Disposal Atlanta

What Makes Us Different

Free Dropoff for residential and business customers

Data Security

Variety of Accepted Equipment

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Free Pickup for Businesses


Items Accepted For Recycling! (Anything Computer/IT Related)

8/31/2018 – There have been drastic changes in the recycling industry during the past year. Local and international markets for recyclable material have dropped up to 50%-90% on some commodities. The markets are no where near where they use to be. Due to these uncontrollable changes, Beyond Surplus has chosen to reduce the material that we would normally process. We also choose to recycle, “HIGH IMPACT RECYCLING” material. These are the items that are most in recycling demand and can be recycled efficiently and swiftly.

  • Desktop PCs

  • Laptops

  • Macs / iMacs / Macbooks

  • iPads

  • Android Tablets

  • Microsoft Surface Tablets

  • Chromebooks

  • LCD Computer Monitors

  • Keyboards

  • Computer Mice

  • Computer Speakers

  • Headsets

  • Webcams

  • Modems

  • Routers

  • Internet Gateways

  • Servers

  • Switches

  • Network Hubs

  • Firewalls

  • Wireless Access Points

  • Raspberry Pis

  • Arduinos

  • Computer Components

  • All Cables & Power Cords

  • Receivers

  • Amplifiers

  • Equilizers

  • Radio Tuners

  • iPods & MP3 Players

  • CD Players

  • Cassette Decks

  • Turntables

  • 8-Track Players

  • Boomboxes

  • Speakers ($20.00 FEE)

  • Subwoofers ($20.00 FEE)

  • Bass Shakers ($20.00 FEE)

  • Headphones & Earbuds

  • Karaoke Machines

  • Projectors

  • Blu-ray Players

  • DVD Players

  • VCRs

  • Betamax Players

  • Laserdisc Players

  • DVRs

  • Set Top Boxes

  • Cable & Satellite Receivers

  • Satellite Dishes

  • Portable DVD Players

  • Video Games

  • Video Game Consoles

  • Video Game Peripherals

  • Portable Video Game Systems

  • Camcorders

  • Microphones

  • Audio Mixers

  • Compressors & Limiters

  • Equalizers

  • DAW Equipment

  • Studio Monitors

  • Loudspeakers

  • AMPs & DACs

  • Musical Instruments

  • Effects Pedals & Boards

  • Audio Cables

  • DSLR & SLR Cameras

  • Film Cameras

  • Camera Lenses

  • Light Mixers

  • Stage Lighting Fixtures (NO bulbs)

  • Tripods

  • Monopods

  • Scanners

  • Dot Matrix Printers

  • Plotters & Large Format Printers (CALL FOR FEE)

  • Ink & Toner Cartridges ($5.00 fee)

  • 3D Printers

  • Shredders

  • Paper Joggers

  • Paper Cutters

  • Paper Folders

  • Mail Machines

  • Hole Punches

  • Staplers

  • Washing Machines

  • Dryers

  • Dish Washers

  • Water Heaters

  • Stoves & Ovens

  • Microwaves

  • Toasters

  • Toaster Ovens

  • Crock Pots & Slow Cookers

  • Bread Makers

  • Coffee Makers

  • Food Processors

  • Clothing Irons

  • Space Heaters

  • Trash Compactors

  • Garbage Disposals

  • Ultrasound Machines

  • Incubators

  • Bottle Warmers

  • Defibrilators

  • Baby Scales

  • Light Sources

  • Endoscopes

  • Surgical Tools

  • Microscopes

  • Dissecting Scopes

  • Blood Analyzers

  • Gas Chromatographs

  • Centrifuges

  • Autoclaves

  • Hotplates & Stirrers

  • Pipettes

  • Lab Pumps

  • Lab Ovens

  • Lab Scales

  • Otoscopes

  • Opthalmoscopes

  • Refraction Machines

  • Fields Test Machines

  • LASIK Machines

  • Robotics Equipment

  • Security Cameras

  • Broadcast Equipment

  • GPS Systems

  • PBX Phone Systems

  • POS Equipment

  • Card Swipers/Terminals

  • Barcode Scanners

  • Cash Registers

  • ATMs

  • Electrical Test Equipment

  • Oscilloscopes

  • Voltage Meters

  • Electric Relays

  • Metal Detectors

  • Generators

  • Non-PCB Ballasts

  • Lead-Acid Batteries

  • Free Weights & Racks

  • Treadmills

  • Elliptical Machines

  • Stationary Bikes

  • Home Gyms

  • Weight Benches

  • Commercial Workout Equipment

  • Lawnmowers

  • String Trimmers

  • Leaf Blowers

  • Snow Blowers

  • Lawn & Garden Tools

  • Large Mixers

  • Ice Cream Machines

  • Coffee & Espresso Machines

  • Commercial Stoves & Ovens

Scrap Metal Accepted For Free. No Pay No Charge

Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal accepted for drop off.

What’s The Difference Between Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal?
The simple answer is that ferrous metals contain iron and non-ferrous metals do not (copper, brass, aluminum). You can use a magnet, if a magnet sticks its ferrous.

Aluminum Cans Accepted For Free. No Pay No Charge

All types, Soda, Beer, Water etc. Must be clean and dry.

Rinse Out Before Recycling. Empty and rinse out aluminum cans before recycling them. Moisture and dirt contaminate recycling, decreasing the quality of the end product and increasing overall costs for the facility.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Let Us Take Care of Your E-Waste