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Green Evolution

Transforming outdated electronics into green solutions, with Reworx Recycling, we breathe new life with every device. We envision a sustainable future.

Data Safety

Guaranteeing your data’s integrity, we ensure you can recycle with unparalleled confidence. Your peace of mind is our reward.


With hassle-free, seamless pickups, recycling has never been this effortless. Hand us the reins, and we’ll take it from there.

Why Choose reworx recycling?

Our Eco-Friendly Recycling Practices

At Reworx Recycling, commitment shines through in every aspect of our recycling. We champion sustainable methods, guaranteeing zero landfill waste, and proudly offer free e-waste pickups across the contiguous U.S. Every step we take adheres strictly to both state regulations and international certifications.

Premium Services at Reworx Recycling

Revolutionizing the way we recycle electronics.

Global IT Asset Disposition

Efficiently managing IT assets' end-of-life. Making the old new again.

E-Waste Recycling

Converting e-waste into eco-wins. Our planet's wellness in focus.

Secure Data Destruction

Protecting your data, always. Reliability you can trust.

Hard Drive Shredding

Complete protection, no compromises. Your data's safety, our promise.

Equipment Destruction

Responsible equipment disposal. Commitment to sustainable practices.

Reverse Logistics

Streamlined returns and re-use. Making every product count.

Pioneering Eco-Solutions

At the heart of our efforts lies a straightforward mission: to revolutionize the way we perceive e-recycling. We’re not just adapting; we’re redefining the paradigm of eco-solutions for a sustainable future.

Free Dropoff

Available to everyone: residential or business. No-cost solutions for all.

Data Security

Data protection at its finest. We prioritize your peace of mind.

Recycle Computers Atlanta

Equipment Diversity

Accepting a wide array of electronics. From computers to cellphones and beyond.


Making e-recycling a breeze. Enjoy free pickups for your business.


Delving deeper into Reworx’s processes and promises.
From the intricacies of our services to the specifics of e-recycling.  Your clarity, our responsibility.

For the most part there is no cost for recycling equipment that meets our minimum quantity requirement, or if dropped off, with the exception of printers, CRT monitors and copiers. For Larger commercial projects, contact us for a quote.

NO, some equipment actually costs ReWorx Recycling to recycle and dispose off correctly.

YES & NO, One of the most frequently asked questions is, “Is there a Fee to have our equipment picked up for recycling?” For the most part NO. For Businesses it all depends on what you have and how much. ReWorx Recycling will recycle any eligible item at no cost with the exception of TV’s, Copiers & CRT Monitors.

NO, We prefer that you submit a pickup request online at your convenience gathering all the required information,  some information like pictures of equipment and inventory lists cannot be sent over the phone furthermore an online signature is required for all pickup requests.

NO, you can drop off or Businesses can schedule pick up of any quantity of items on our Accepted Items list.

NO, RESIDENTIAL pickups or Services available at this time. We Only Offer Commercial Services To Businesses

YES, items can be accepted for recycling or disposal.

YES, This is the prefered method for shipping a lot of equipment. The most effective method for transporting a large quantity of outdated computer equipment is on pallets. Gaylord (Bulk) boxes, which are 4-foot cubes made of heavy cardboard and filled on a pallet, offer optimal stability. 

Our experience has shown that neatly stacking components, including monitors, on a pallet can ensure stability during transport if shrink-wrapped securely.

If you have a small amount of equipment (less than 100LBs’) we will send you a UPS Ground Shipping label.

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