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Rosalia Wintheiser
Rosalia Wintheiser
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"My old desktop was ready for the trash and I found computer recycling. It was a great way to recycle my old desktop and get some money back."
Prof. Giovani Hane II
Prof. Giovani Hane II
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"I recently came across a company that recycles computers and other electronics. I was very pleased to see that they take all sorts of things, and make it easy for you to recycle. I have never had so much trouble disposing of my old computer before."
Melba Dietrich
Melba Dietrich
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"The best thing about this company is that they are a green company, which is very important to me. I have been recycling for many years and I know it's important for us to find ways to be environmentally conscious. This company does a lot of good not only for the environment but also for the people who are waiting in line to have their computer recycled."

Get Reliable & Efficient Electronic Waste Disposal Service Near You In Waleska, GA!

We all have broken devices that we must eventually dispose of. However, electronic drop-off, sometimes known as “e-waste,” is more complicated than tossing them away.

Electronic devices, including mobile phones, CD players, TVs, and fax machines, contain toxic elements which might harm the environment if an appropriate electronic equipment disposal mechanism is not followed. When it is not viable to recycle e-waste, these items should be discarded wherever possible.

Reworx Electronics Recycling has extensive expertise in electronics recycling in Waleska, GA. We would be happy to help you get rid of that old stuff; all you have to do is call us! 

Our friendly staff has been trained to manage your equipment disposal securely in Cherokee County. To keep as much electronic debris out of landfills as possible, we recycle, refurbish, and reuse wherever feasible. Please contact us if you need an e-waste disposal service. We will handle everything for you.

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What Is An E-Waste?

Electronic waste, also known as “e-waste,” refers to discarded or broken electronic devices. Broken computers, TVs, stereos, VCRs, music players, DVD players, monitors, and mobile phones are the items in this category. Many of these items can be reclaimed, refurbished, reused, or recycled.

Moreover, the disposal of electronic trash, often known as E-Waste, can be a little more complex than just throwing it away in the trash. Don’t be shocked if your local electronics waste disposal company in Cherokee County refuses to accept it.

Many concerns need to be addressed for proper electronic waste disposal. Many products, such as computer displays, televisions, and even mobile phones and batteries, can no longer be thrown out due to increasing rules and restrictions in Waleska, GA.

How Does Our Electronics Waste Disposal Service Work?

1) You can book our equipment removal service online or by calling us at 864-539-2783. Our truck crew will contact you 15-30 minutes before your appointment window to let you know when you may expect us in Cherokee County.

2) We’ll inspect the goods you want to discard when we arrive. We’ll give you upfront, all-inclusive pricing.

3) We’ll remove your stuff, ensuring that we only touch the objects we’re releasing, then clean up the area. Once the project is finished, we will proceed with the payment.

Questions To Ask Your E-Waste Disposal Company Before Hiring Them

1) What Is The Process Of Recycling Electronic Waste?

Before the electronics recycling process starts, we evaluate your e-waste. When the gadget is ready to be recycled, it is disassembled. The materials are separated into distinct parts to identify what may be reused and what needs further processing.

It is critical to determine which components may be reused or recycled as many devices have dangerous metals & chemicals that need proper disposal in Waleska, GA. When electronic equipment is disassembled, the harmful parts are appropriately disposed of while the reusable components are reused.

2) Can I Dispose Of Electronics In The Trash?

Most electronic waste disposal firms do not accept obsolete electronics in regular trash collection or curbside electronics recycling services due to electronic gadgets’ harmful components and chemicals.

These harmful elements make it illegal in many places to toss away outdated devices. Appropriate equipment disposal is necessary to prevent penalties or environmental damage. Our crew at Reworx Electronics Recycling in GA is trained well to do this dangerous task.

3) What Happens To My Electronic Waste?

All the e-waste that is thrown away will end up in landfills. However, dumping obsolete gadgets in a landfill may be environmentally hazardous. The most appropriate method to manage e-waste is to recycle or refurbish equipment wherever feasible.

Recycled electronics are processed and repurposed to create new items at our recycling centers. Broken electronics have value and may be donated or sold if repaired or repurposed.

4) What Is The Impact Of E-Waste On Humans & Environment?

When e-waste is not recycled, it is disposed of in a landfill and exposed to nature. These electronics, produced from lead, mercury, zinc, flame retardants, and chromium, may leach poison into the air and soil over time, harming the environment and tainting groundwater sources.

Electronic waste disposal will prevent these toxins from finding their way into the soil, causing harm to plants and animals and possibly contaminating our food and water supply.

You don’t have to worry about the disposal of your gadgets in Waleska, GA when you hire Reworx Electronics Recycling to dispose of your electronic trash. We collaborate with local charities and equipment recycling centers in GA to guarantee that all electronic items are appropriately disposed of.

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Call Us Now To Get Sustainable E-Waste Removal Services

E-Waste or electronic waste is ubiquitous in our homes and workplaces. With the pace at which most of us replace and upgrade equipment to new versions, our old gadgets gather dust in some basement or office.

Consider your own house right now: How many printers, computer displays, and outdated television sets have been out of action for more than a year? If you counted more than a few, it’s time to eliminate those e-waste goods.

Reworx Electronics Recycling offers an environmentally responsible electronic waste disposal service, so you don’t have to bother about electronic waste disposal tasks in GA.

Not only that, but we make sure that your old devices are disposed of properly: whether it is a charity if the gadgets are still functional or a recycling center to guarantee that your E-Waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Call us at 864-539-2783 for professional electronics waste disposal in Waleska, GA.

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Information About Waleska

Waleska is a city in Cherokee County, Georgia, United States. The population was 644 at the 2010 census.

The first white settlement in the Waleska area began in the early 1830s. Among these first pioneer settlers were the Reinhardt, Heard and Rhyne families, who moved into the region looking for fresh, fertile farm land. At first, these settlers lived among the Cherokee population already established in the area, but by 1838 all of the Cherokee had been forced westward to Oklahoma in the U.S. government relocation movement known as the Trail of Tears.

Early settler Lewis W. Reinhardt established a church in 1834 in the settlement known as Reinhardt Chapel and befriended many of the native Cherokee population. When the Trail of Tears forced the movement of Warluskee, the daughter of a local Cherokee chief and friend of Reinhardt’s, westward, he named this settlement in her honor (see below).

1885 Reinhardt University administration building

In 1883, Augustus M. Reinhardt, an Atlanta lawyer, former Confederate captain, and son of one of the founders of Waleska, along with his brother-in-law, former Civil War Lieutenant-Colonel John J. A. Sharp, founded Reinhardt Academy in Waleska for the impoverished children of Cherokee County. This school eventually became Reinhardt University.

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