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Rosalia Wintheiser
Rosalia Wintheiser
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"My old desktop was ready for the trash and I found computer recycling. It was a great way to recycle my old desktop and get some money back."
Prof. Giovani Hane II
Prof. Giovani Hane II
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"I recently came across a company that recycles computers and other electronics. I was very pleased to see that they take all sorts of things, and make it easy for you to recycle. I have never had so much trouble disposing of my old computer before."
Melba Dietrich
Melba Dietrich
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"The best thing about this company is that they are a green company, which is very important to me. I have been recycling for many years and I know it's important for us to find ways to be environmentally conscious. This company does a lot of good not only for the environment but also for the people who are waiting in line to have their computer recycled."

Dispose Of Your E-Waste With Our Electronic Recycling Process In Mableton, GA

Electronic waste is the trash produced when electronic gadgets or their components are abandoned. They often include hazardous compounds such as heavy metals and are manufactured quicker than ever, thereby increasing e-waste yearly. 

Society depends on these items for productivity, comfort, security, and convenience. However, at the end of their lives, these must be disposed of responsibly and with all legal compliances to minimize their possible environmental effect.

Reworx Electronics Recycling works hard to give our customers and communities faster, smarter, and greener solutions. We partner with community groups and governments to assist them with electronic waste disposal.

Contact a representative at Reworx Electronics Recycling to learn how we can help you reduce the environmental effect of electronic waste produced by your company, organization, or municipality in Mableton, GA.

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Our Professional Electronics Recycling Service

Reworx Electronics Recycling provides free electronic waste disposal services for your electronics recycling requirements for your company or school. If data security is your concern, we offer free offsite hard drive data destruction that complies with HIPAA, FERPA, FACTA, SOX, and the Department of Defense hard drive data destruction regulations.

We also provide on-site electronic disposal services. With more than 50,000 square feet of recycling facilities, no computer recycling or electronics recycling project is too big for us.

Please contact us for more information on how Reworx Electronics Recycling in Mableton, GA can help your school, company, or organization to recycle your personal computer for free.

On-site Hard Drive Destruction Service

At Reworx Electronics Recycling, we offer safe and confidential hard-drive destruction services. We ensure that your hard drives are appropriately destroyed before electronics recycling.

Our adequately qualified electronics recycling professionals in GA will come to your location to remove and destroy hard drives in your presence. Our complex drive punching equipment disposal uses enough force to shatter the platter, making data recovery on your hard drives impossible.

After the hard disk is destroyed, all contents are carried safely in sealed containers with GPS tracking from your location to ours for appropriate recycling.

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Benefits Of Electronics Recycling

What will happen to your old laptops, cellphones, and other electronic devices? If you’re like the majority of Americans, they end up in a landfill. This results in the wastage of valuable resources and possibly poisoning of the soil and groundwater.

Electronic equipment may become obsolete rapidly, while raw materials keep their worth in Cobb County. Learn how electronic disposal and equipment recycling may assist to protect the environment and minimize the waste your house or company creates.

1) Economic Development

Every year, around 11.7 million tons of e-waste are discarded in landfills. These resources add up to a massive loss of economic activity potential. Over time, how you dispose of old gadgets and other garbage may significantly impact your community’s economy. Recycling your old electronics with proper disposal services refills these valuable resources.

Recycling is a thriving business. Reworx Electronics Recycling, a local electronics recycling facility in GA, employs people in your neighborhood for an ecologically responsible business. Instead of dumping electronics into landfill, using equipment recycling services will help a local company’s development while reducing global economic waste.

2) Reduced Greenhouse Emissions

Most components in your modern gadgets come from mining. However, mining generates an enormous amount of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. These emissions may not directly affect you, but your continued usage and improper electronic disposal of gadgets may contribute to increased smog and air pollution in cities throughout the globe.

Recycling used electronic gadgets will help in reducing air pollution. At Reworx Electronics Recycling, we help you collect and recycle computers, mobiles, printers, and other gadgets. Feel free to share the details of unwanted devices with our staff in Cobb County to see whether they qualify for equipment recycling.

3) Efficient Use Of Limited/Rare Resources

Several rare elements are used in the manufacturing of cutting-edge technologies. Rare elements boost the efficiency of computer devices. Some resources are scarce, whereas others are plentiful yet require labor-intensive mining.

All these rare materials are sourced from around the globe and may end up in a landfill near your home or company. Many resources in computers, mobile devices, or other electronics can be recycled. Using a professional equipment recycling agency near you is highly advisable to maintain them in circulation or to avoid running out.

4) Minimal Impact On Biodiversity

Mining and industrial activities need an enormous amount of land. As the industrial sector expands, more deforestation and biodiversity loss occur. The consequences of mining and manufacturing gadgets may have an influence on soil, water, and forests all around the globe. However, electronics recycling in GA can help to reduce the disastrous results.

5) Declutter Office Space

Is your workplace resembling a computer warehouse? Your home or business office space may quickly become crowded with old equipment and technology. Many homes and business owners who do not want to contribute to landfills are collecting these gadgets.

Connect with Reworx Electronics Recycling if you’re confused about what to do with your old computers in Cobb County. We may arrange curbside pickup to recycle computers, install collection containers at your workplace, or collect goods at our facility.

Turn over any goods to us to free up the storage space in your business and create room for contemporary, efficient technology. Consider replacing an old, bulky printer with a new one, or empty your storage shelves to make room for additional files and products.

Contact Reworx Electronics Recycling Now For All Your Electronics Recycling Needs

For over a decade, Reworx Electronics Recycling has provided businesses with ecologically safe electronic waste disposal options and excess computer equipment in Mableton, GA. Global IT Asset Disposition, E-Waste Recycling, Secure Data Destruction, Hard Drive Shredding, Equipment Disposal, and Reverse Logistics are some of our services.

We recycle electronics, laptops, fax machines, ink and toner cartridges, laser printers, inkjet printers, and external hard drives, ensuring that these goods are never thrown away.

There’s no need to keep storing obsolete electronic items and electrical devices when we recycle laptops, networking equipment, switches, telecom equipment, mobile phones, and batteries. Call us at 864-539-2783 right now to arrange electronic recycling.

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Information About Mableton

Mableton is an unincorporated community and census-designated place (CDP) in Cobb County, Georgia, United States. According to the 2020 census, Mableton has a population of 40,834. Upon Brookhaven’s cityhood in December 2012, Mableton became the largest unincorporated CDP in Metro Atlanta.

Between the 16th and 19th centuries, most of the land in present-day southern Cobb County belonged to the Cherokee and Creek. Two indigenous villages were established near the area that will later become known as Mableton – the settlements of Sweet Water Town and Nickajack. Both tribes coinhabited the area peacefully, with one legend claiming that eventual ownership of the area by the Cherokee was settled via a ball game. One of the earliest known records of white Europeans being aware of the inhabitants is an 1839 map depicting a ‘Nickajack Creek’ converging with the Chattahoochee River south and west of the Standing Peachtree settlement. Ultimately, all native inhabitants in Georgia were forced out of their lands by the 1830s, and much of the vacancies were granted to European settlers by land lottery.

Robert Mable

The town was named after Scottish immigrant Robert Mable (1803-1885), who on September 11, 1843, bought 300 acres (approximately 120 hectares or 1.2 km2) of land in southern Cobb County from the Georgia Land Lottery of 1832. Mable was a millwright and farmer who grew cotton, corn, potatoes, and sorghum in the area; he owned between 11 and 48 slaves by 1860. According to oral interviews, Mable was a “fair and kind” slavemaster who educated slave children alongside his own, and eventually also liberated his slaves before any government mandate ordered him to. The Robert Mable House and Cemetery, located off U.S. 78 on Floyd Road just north of Clay Road, now includes an amphitheater which hosts public events.

More white settlers moved into the northern edge of Mableton by Nickajack Creek, near Smyrna, in the mid-1800s. They formed a community initially known as ‘Mill Grove’, and later ‘Nickajack.’ The creek provided ample power to run grist, saw, cotton, and woolen mills. A covered bridge, originally built c. 1848-1850, traverses the stream and is now part of a historical district. It is one of the few remaining covered bridges in Georgia, and still highly active today after it was later buttressed to handle automobile traffic. A notable resident of the area during that period was John Gann, Cobb County’s first state senator. His home, built in 1841, still stands today and is also part of the historical district.

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