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Donate Datacenter Equipment in Mableton, GA.

Enhance tech education in Mableton, GA by donating datacenter equipment with Reworx Recycle Computers, Electronics Recycling & Recycle Laptops. Your contribution matters.

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Donate Datacenter Equipment to Enhance Technology Education in Mableton, GA

Empowering Education Through Your Donations

In Mableton, GA, Reworx Recycle Computers, Electronics Recycling & Recycle Laptops is leading an initiative to transform old datacenter equipment into valuable educational resources. When you donate your outdated technology, you’re contributing to a future where every student in Cobb County has access to the necessary tools for learning in the digital age. Your donations are not just about recycling; they are about creating opportunities for learning and innovation.


At Reworx Recycle Computers, Electronics Recycling & Recycle Laptops, we believe that every piece of technology has the potential to educate and inspire. By donating your datacenter equipment, you’re directly supporting schools and educational programs in Cobb County. These institutions often face budget constraints, and your contribution provides them with the technological resources they need to offer a comprehensive learning experience.


Your donation has a lasting impact on the community in Mableton, GA. It enables students to access up-to-date technology, fostering an environment where learning is intertwined with real-world tech experience. This not only enhances their educational journey but also prepares them for future challenges in an increasingly digital world. Choose to donate with Reworx Recycle Computers, Electronics Recycling & Recycle Laptops and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of education in Cobb County.

Rigorous Quality Standards: At Reworx Recycle Computers, Electronics Recycling & Recycle Laptops, each donated item is rigorously tested and refurbished to meet high-quality standards, ensuring reliable technology for educational use.

Eco-Conscious Recycling: Any equipment unsuitable for reuse is responsibly recycled by Reworx Recycle Computers, Electronics Recycling & Recycle Laptops, adhering to the highest environmental standards to minimize ecological impact.

Community Feedback Loop: We maintain a constant feedback loop with schools and institutions in Cobb County to ensure the donated equipment meets their evolving educational needs.

The Benefits of Donating Your Equipment

Donating datacenter equipment to Reworx Recycle Computers, Electronics Recycling & Recycle Laptops in Mableton, GA is a gesture that extends beyond environmental responsibility. It’s an investment in the future of our community in Cobb County. By providing students and educators with the necessary technological tools, you’re helping to bridge the digital divide and build a more technologically proficient society.


Your contribution not only helps in reducing electronic waste but also demonstrates your commitment to sustainable practices. In Mableton, GA, this act of giving supports our goal to minimize tech waste and its impact on the environment. Plus, donating with Reworx Recycle Computers, Electronics Recycling & Recycle Laptops may offer you tax advantages, making it beneficial for both you and the community.


At Reworx Recycle Computers, Electronics Recycling & Recycle Laptops, we ensure that your donated equipment is refurbished and repurposed with the utmost care. Our goal is to extend the life of these technologies, maximizing their educational value. By choosing to donate, you are actively participating in a movement that values sustainability and education, making a meaningful difference in Cobb County.

Equipment Destruction

How to Donate Your Equipment

The process of donating datacenter equipment to Reworx Recycle Computers, Electronics Recycling & Recycle Laptops in Mableton, GA is designed to be as easy and efficient as possible. Our team is dedicated to facilitating your donation every step of the way. To begin, simply give us a call at 678-449-0003, and we will assist you with all the necessary details.


We understand that your time is valuable, so we offer convenient pickup services throughout Cobb County. Once you’ve decided to donate, we’ll coordinate with you to schedule a time that works best for your schedule. Our friendly and professional team will handle the logistics, ensuring that the donation process is smooth and hassle-free.


Upon receiving your equipment, Reworx Recycle Computers, Electronics Recycling & Recycle Laptops takes great care in evaluating and preparing it for its next life in education. Our expert technicians ensure that all data is securely erased and that the equipment meets our high standards for educational use. By calling 678-449-0003, you’re taking the first step towards making a significant impact in the lives of students and educators in Mableton, GA.

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Between the 16th and 19th centuries, most of the land in present-day southern Cobb County belonged to the Cherokee and Creek. Two Native American villages were established near the area that will later become known as Mableton – the settlements of Sweet Water Town and Nickajack. Both tribes coinhabited the area peacefully, with one legend claiming that eventual ownership of the area by the Cherokee was settled via a ball game. One of the earliest known records of white Europeans being aware of the inhabitants is an 1839 map depicting a ‘Nickajack Creek’ converging with the Chattahoochee River south and west of the Standing Peachtree settlement.

The town was named after Scottish immigrant Robert Mable (October 18, 1803 – July 7, 1885), who on September 11, 1843, bought 300 acres (approximately 120 hectares or 1.2 km2) of land in southern Cobb County from the Georgia Land Lottery of 1832. Mable was a millwright and farmer who grew cotton, corn, potatoes, and sorghum in the area; he owned between 11 and 48 slaves by 1860. According to oral interviews, Mable was a “fair and kind” enslaver who educated slave children alongside his own, and eventually also liberated his slaves before any government mandate ordered him to. The Robert Mable House and Cemetery, located off U.S. 78 on Floyd Road just north of Clay Road, now includes an amphitheater which hosts public events.

More white settlers moved into the northern edge of Mableton by Nickajack Creek, near Smyrna, in the mid-1800s. They formed a community initially known as ‘Mill Grove’, and later ‘Nickajack.’ The creek provided ample power to run grist, saw, cotton, and woolen mills. A covered bridge, originally built c. 1848-1850, traverses the stream and is now part of a historical district. It is one of the few remaining covered bridges in Georgia, and still highly active today after it was later buttressed to handle automobile traffic. A notable resident of the area during that period was John Gann, Cobb County’s first state senator. His home, built in 1841, still stands today and is also part of the historical district.

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